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LED lamp is expected to fly into common people's home


National policy come on stage, starting from October 1st this year to prohibit and sales100 watts or more ordinary incandescent lighting, and gradually transition to60 W,15 W, and 2200000000 investment subsidies LED lamp. Policy was announced, each local government positive response. As the incandescent lamp quits all corners of the country, hundreds of billions of civil market gradually formed. This information is also just organized the 2012time Asia Exhibition reflected, presents LED lighting industry development trend.

The annual Guangya Exhibition is a brand feast, even in the most economically depressed for years, and always for the remarkable industry great event. This year is no exception. Even the first half of the real estate regulation situation grim, National Engineering and no rescue, lighting industry market insipid situations, Guangya Exhibition still won numerous exhibitors and professional audience support, this year than in former years also more intensive. Go on in the show, can be seen everywhere all enterprises display on their LED product image, surrounded by about LED product introduction, and exhibition exhibits higher than 90% are LED products. LED products, in the past few years of ups and downs in the coming, gradually pattern.

Innovative technology to billions of civil market

2012 -2014 global incandescent lamp cut-off disable policy will in order to implement, is expected in2012 after complete disappearance of incandescent lamp. Industry insiders predict,3 years LED lighting will be a blowout type attitude to enter the lives of ordinary people.

Given the favorable policies, many enterprises from strategic height adjustment for the civilian market plan. " Originally expected to incandescent lamp exit, first need to transition to the energy saving lamp era, now feel direct jump after jump to energy-saving lamps, LED lights stage." Austrian light Chinese area general manager Lv Weidong told reporters that Sohu," although this bright mainly to project of products, but also in the adjustment of strategy, the production of relatively high cost of civil product market."

While some enterprises have been in a technical breakthrough, on LED civil design of adjustment. Snow Wright market planning department Wei Zhiquan said, according to the national publication of the abandoned route chart,2015incandescent lamp will completely withdraw from the market. Snow Wright in the civilian market is well prepared for the civilian market," we do a product, look as like as two peas with incandescent lamp, only three watts, but more than twenty-five watt incandescent lamp brighter."

Mitsuo responsible person said, early in2005,2006, we started developing a civilian home furnishing aspects of the product, but has never been paid special attention to, so the product, channel construction projects in various fields are not very ideal. But" by the end of last year set up a special home furnishing project department, this year will focus on the introduction of home furnishing civil lighting LED series products."

LED civilian breakthrough bottleneck is the key

Although the LED entered the civilian market is to represent the general trend, the industry optimistic about the prospect of LED, but problems still exist. As everyone knows, LED in the civilian market promotion has two difficulties: one is technical difficulties. In the packaging stage need to overcome several tests, on high power LED raw materials, high power LED packaging technology, color consistency, multi-chip package causing yield decrease with hard to reach light consistency problem. The lack of core technology, has restricted the LED into the indoor lighting and a difficult. Two is the price the innate limitations. LED to enter the interior lighting, replaced by energy-saving lamps, must be reduced to a $ per lumen may gain ground in the round. So despite a" beautiful, energy saving, long life " advantages, but many enterprises only limited to" empty talk", not civilian research and development of market products, the general family user basically can not see the LED lamp.

In addition to technical and price factors, the enterprise, LED entered the civilian market should be gradual, must not be LED market do die. Mitsuo responsible person said," LED to alternative energy saving lamp must go through many twists. Now this trend, many enterprises will be LED product when the turnip green vegetables to sell, production is inferior product, finally will let people mistakenly think that the LED is not a good product, the incandescent lamp is the trend."

On the other hand, optimistically estimated LED lighting development situation at home and abroad to invest in LED LED lighting upstream and downstream enterprises to accelerate the process, state-owned, civilian capital also entered LED industry. LED lighting became" suction gold", capital intensive LED industry chain. Snow Wright bavin think: " the past upstream do excessive investment, to the development of this industry is unfavorable. Semiconductor industry profits are very high, with the development of technology, many of the upstream enterprises will be eliminated, so the LED investment should not be blind, to maintain a rational."

Consumer voices: we want to LED lighting is not just

When asked about the LED product coming into the problems of daily life, the majority of consumers, state subsidies LED products, completely out of incandescent lamp, for consumers, of course, is a very good thing. However, LED is what kind of products? In addition to contractors, distributors and other professional audience, general exhibitors said, on the LED interior lighting and know little. Part of the audience think, if can choose, lighting, and decorative effect that is best.

" I think LED if you can cooperate with home European style of decoration to match, it will be better. If you only like simple incandescent lamp or energy-saving function, there is nothing special." Come and see the lighting citizen Miss Zhang expressed.

China Lighting Electric Appliance Association Secretary-General Liu Shengping thinks, domestic enterprises should learn more foreign enterprises. A simple" sell" to better serve consumers, lighting research and development, the improvement of lighting system, and to provide consumers with the overall solution, to meet consumer demand. Now the market is more and more obvious, the intelligent LED lighting products will be more welcome by consumers.

Notes: the Guangzhou ( International ) lighting exhibition, LED products are hot. While the LED lighting into the civilian market but also because of the government's attention, become the focus of attention from all walks of life. When it comes to LED products, whether it is commercial lighting or civil lighting, can not fail to mention the industry standard problem. How to develop LED product standard, makes the LED products to better serve the public, that is LED products to enter the civilian market before the priority among priorities. We will rub one's eyes and wait related standards released.

Extended reading: his mountain jade Japanese how to popularize LED

Japan is an area of frequent island. After the earthquake, the Japanese supply reduction, resource shortage. The State encourages citizens purchased LED energy-saving products. As members of the public to buy LED products, government will press for citizens to integral consumption. When the integral to a certain extent, can buy LED lamp. So, LED has civilian, and consumer identity. LED lamp was popular.